This is an appropriate venue for presentation of preliminary data and/or novel ideas/hypotheses that can garner discussion with interested viewers. 

Posters should fit within a 46″ (Width) x 44″ (Height) space.

Boards and thumbtacks will be provided to display your poster.  There will be two posters to a board, so please do not exceed the maximum size as it will overlap neighboring posters.

Posters will be displayed for one day, but presenters will stand by their poster during an hour-long poster session. Odd-numbered posters will present in the morning and even-numbered posters will present in the afternoon on either Thursday or Friday.


This is an appropriate venue for completed projects with novel data-driven conclusions.

Oral presentations should be 12 minutes long with ~3 minutes left for questions.  Please leave time to switch to the next presenter within the 15 minutes; there is no space between talks.   

Please prepare a PowerPoint talk that is compatible with Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 on a PC and bring a backup PDF.  The computers in the rooms will not have audio and will not be connected to the internet. 

Make plans to install your presentation on the desktop of your room’s computer in the morning of your talk; there will not be time immediately before your talk.  You can upload your talk directly to the computer in the room via a USB drive.  Make sure to give your file a unique identifier (e.g. LastName_ASB2017) to avoid losing it among the many entitled, “ASB 2017 talk” and the like.  Switching computers is prohibited as this causes unnecessary delays and computer malfunctions.